Anna.26 years old from Russia.
Tv-shows fan, also bookworm. Learning Finnish and speaking French, German, English, and sort of Russian :)


Day off. Public Holiday

It is public holiday in RF today and you sort of free to do whatever you want. And as much as I wanted to do a lot of stuff. Well, for some of that stuff I just not in the right mood, for the rest you don’t want to do it alone, so I played Hitman and now watching Django.


the lord of the rings + ‘water’ requested by fulloftemptations

“The world is changed. I feel it in the water. I feel it in the earth. I smell it in the air. Much that once was is lost, for none now live who remember it.”

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I think, I had enough of procrastination. And 2morrow (as in Moscow it is actually 2 am) I am going to post my data (weight etc) and some programme I will do my best to follow.

Then, I will try to write down the calories and what I eat.

Hope this is going to work out this time.

talesofnorth asked
hehe, then I would like to read you fanfiction, maybe it'll inspire me to make something :D

Well, it is in russian (but if I am not wrong, u r from RF) and it’s not quite finished. But I remember watching on screen of my laptop at work for more than 1 h because of the gif Kahlan/Snape with the burning building from HP. This scene is just like I imagine it at the end of my fiction love it

Just need to print it out and pin it to the wall where I can see it like everyday

Just need to print it out and pin it to the wall where I can see it like everyday

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I think I need some sort of support or mentor regarding my menu…